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Tile / Roof Repair

Roof Repair is vital to preventing mold and water damage to your home. As soon as you have one leak, it is very important to get it checked out to see if there is a bigger problem causing it. Your roof is part of the foundation of your home and so it is vital to maintain and upkeep. Living in Florida, we are exposed to high winds, heavy rainfall, and extreme heat. Time is of the essence and  we can ensure a fast moving pace when it comes to evaluation and remediation of the problem. If you suspect any damage to your roof or are unsure if you need a roof replacement contact us so that we can take a look and give you a free estimate. 

We are happy to repair and replace tile, shingles, flat decks and metal. 

Roof Maintenance provides you with peace of mind that you won't have to be faced with unexpected roof leaks and damage. Maintenance is especially important during the summer months when rainfall is consistent and the risk of hurricanes and tropical storms are higher. We are trained to recognize any existing or potential threats to your roof and perform the necessary maintenance to keep your home in tip top shape. 

Roof maintenance is important to recognize any vulnerabilities such as flashing and resealing any and all roof penetration.

If you would like to get your roof evaluated and have regular maintenance done for longevity of your structure - Contact us 

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